Friday, 16 March 2012

Colourful London

This post has only two photos of me and dozen of London. London can be sometimes very dark, rainy, foggy, but sometimes.. you find those amazing places and you think that London is never fully explored and always has little cute secrets.
Like this one
Neals Yard is the most colourful yard I have ever seen with few cafes and shops, it is just so cheerful and reminds me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason.. Here are some photos :) What was your's most interesting place you've seen?

В этом посте только две мои фотографии и десятки Лондона. Лондон может бытьочень темный, дождливый, туманный, но иногда .. Вы найдете такие удивительные места!
Как, например, это:
Neals Двор является самым красочным двориком, который я видела! Он такой яркий и красочный, с кафешками и магазинчиками! Напоминает мне почему-то Алису в стране Чудес! А какое самое удивительное место видели вы? Вот несколько фотографий:

Another amazing colourful AND tasty experience - M&Ms shop! :)
There are M&Ms of any colour, and you can do your own M&Ms combination!!

I was wearing :
Cutler and Gross sunglasses
Burberry Coat


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  2. Glad you enjoyed London, you look lovely.

    Fashion Dawgs

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  4. OMG, that many M&M things? :D Wow, cool :) And, you look gorgeous. I really enjoyed this post :) xoxo ♥