Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Paris Part V

Some photos from the museum of modern in Centre Pompidou:) Some pieces were so weird and so kool :) And finishing PAris weekend with some lunch in Louvre and by outing our padlocks on the bridge d'Art where all the lovers and couples put their padlocks to show their love :) 

Некоторые фотографии из музея современного искусства в Центре Помпиду :) Некоторые вещи были такие странные и удивительные :) Закончили мы поездку в Париж обедом в Лувре. А так же мы повесили наши замки на мосту d'Art, где все влюбленные и пары вешают их замки, чтобы показать свою любовь :)


  1. Replies
    1. can you imagine, we like put the padlock last year and when we came to find it this time it wasn't there! They took out half of the padlocks on the bridge!! So we have put the new ones:)

    2. haha that's funny. I feel like they do the same thing with the Western Wall in Jerusalem, take all the notes out to make room for new ones

  2. Where did you buy these gloves?